About us

Oxford University Press Southern Africa is an educational publisher with 100 years of experience in South Africa, publishing for schools and higher education.

We recognise the power of education to uplift and equip individuals and communities to better their lives. We therefore strive to develop and deliver high quality and affordable educational materials and support, based on the demands of learners, students, teachers and lecturers in Southern Africa.

We are South Africa’s number one dictionary and literacy publisher, and produce a wide range of quality curriculum-compliant educational material for use in the classroom and at home. Using local experts and authors, we have published more than 2,700 books in 11 languages. Through award-winning service and world-class logistics, we reach millions of learners, students, teachers and lecturers each year.

Our books and services are well-researched, relevant and engaging as part of our commitment to advancing teaching and learning in South Africa.

Our range includes:

  • School textbooks from Grade R to Grade 12
  • Higher Education textbooks for undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • General literature titles including prescription literature
  • Resources like dictionaries, atlases and reading schemes

At Oxford, we do so much more than just publish.  We support teachers in achieving their education goals by providing quality educational resources and training. Additionally, 100% of our profits are reinvested in education, research and scholarship through the University of Oxford and the Mandela Rhodes Foundation

As a department of Oxford University, we share its mission to bring excellence in education, scholarship and research to people around the world, and are proud to be part of this long tradition.

The way we work

Oxford University Press Southern Africa is committed to being the employer of choice in the publishing industry by offering first-class training and development to our staff and authors.

Our Code of Conduct presents a set of values and principles that underpin all we do at Oxford University Press, providing guidance to staff about the way we should work, and what is expected of us. It includes our commitments across a range of important ethical and social concerns.

Additionally, our Partner Code of Conduct gives our business partners a clear view of the values and principles that underpin all of our work and relationships. We expect all of our business partners to act in accordance with these principles at all times.

Oxford University Press Southern Africa is also a member of The Ethics Institute of South Africa (EthicsSA), a non-profit, public benefit organisation aiming at building an ethically responsible society by forming partnerships with the public and private sectors, and the professions.

Taking action to operate sustainably

We’re working hard to reduce the environmental impact of our products and operations, with an emphasis on reducing our contribution to climate change, protecting biodiversity, and minimising waste.

We have committed to three short-term targets, to be achieved across our global operations by 2025:

  • Carbon neutral from our own operations (office, warehouses, and business travel).
  • 100% certified sustainable book paper.
  • Zero waste to landfill (in markets with necessary waste management infrastructure).

Globally, we’ve made significant progress towards our targets already:

  • 69% reduction in our operational carbon footprint.
  • 75% certified sustainable paper being used by our top 27 strategic suppliers.
  • 44% reduction from nearly 5,000 tonnes of waste in 2019 to 2,700 tonnes of waste in 2021.

Want to find out more? Read our Responsible Publishing Report 2021-22.