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Oxford supports students. We provide you with advice and tips from experts and other students to help prepare you for success in your first year of studies.
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Tune into Bloom TV and master the world of academia!

Ever feel like there was some info missing when you arrived at campus the first time? Perhaps a booklet that clarified everything and you didn’t get a copy? How to write an assignment, how to master referencing and how to take the perfect notes in class – if only somebody had explained all this to you! Well, here’s your chance…

Follow Professor Bloom as he takes you on a flash tour of how to #studysmart and sets you on the path to academic success. Prepare for teleportation, cyberspace, parties and quests but most of all prepare to learn all the skills a top student needs.

Meet Professor Bloom and learn to #studysmart.

Warp over to Chris and ace assignment writing.

RSVP a perfect reference list with Lloyd.

Join Litha on her epic quest to master note taking.

Student Assist

The first year of tertiary study can be daunting. If you are an undergraduate, prepare yourself for success with this advice from other students. From useful tips on time management, to help with exam preparation, and more – watch our helpful and informative videos.

Time Management

Juggling study and a social life can be tricky for an undergraduate: what to prioritise and how to fit it all in, pass – and still find time to have fun. Here are some helpful tips from other students, speaking from their own experiences.

Exam Preparation

If you are an undergraduate student and write exams, watch this video for some advice on how to be equipped with the tools that will help you do well.

The importance of a textbook

Do you own a copy of the textbook your lecturer prescribed for your course? Find out here why it’s so important to buy one. It’s an investment in your future! It will help you pass your exams and become successful in your chosen career.

Supporting the growth of exceptional leaders in Africa

Oxford University Press and The Mandela Rhodes Foundation formed an innovative shareholding partnership in 2008, pledging to promote leadership and scholarship in Africa to benefit present and future generations.

This partnership means that dividends paid by Oxford University Press Southern Africa to The Mandela Rhodes Foundation fund Mandela Rhodes Scholarships, and support South African and African students to study at local universities.

Much more than a bursary, Mandela Rhodes Scholarships aim to provide scholars with the tools to be leaders in South Africa and across the African continent through various leadership development and training programmes, mirroring the example that Nelson Mandela has set for the nation.

Read more about The Mandela Rhodes Foundation here.

Nelson Mandela's legacy and leadership style

The Mandela Rhodes Foundation Class of 2013 Scholars share their views, personal experiences and admiration for the leadership style of former President Nelson Mandela, and how it contributed to the legacy he has left.

For more information visit OUPSA & MRF

What my Mandela Rhodes scholarship means to me - Class of 2013

Scholars from the Mandela Rhodes Foundation Class of 2013 talk about how they value their MRF Scholarship, and the impact it has on their studies and their future. For more information visit OUPSA & MRF