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People all over the world trust Oxford dictionaries.

Oxford dictionaries world-wide build on the incomparable research and expertise drawn together for the Oxford English Dictionary – one of the biggest ever dictionary projects, covering 1000 years of the English language comprising 600,000 words – enabling us to offer English dictionaries for learners of English to professors of English, and from pre-school children to matriculants and beyond.

We also offer excellent dictionaries for many other languages (from Arabic and Chinese to Portuguese and Russian, by way of IsiZulu and IsiXhosa) and subjects (such as Science, Mathematics, and Accounting), striving always to be easy to use, accurate, and up-to-date.

Our local publishing programme focuses on the particular needs of southern Africans, providing award-winning bilingual dictionaries, as well as monolingual, multilingual and subject dictionaries that are proven in schools.

Learners of English need dictionaries with more support on grammar, usage, pronunciation and using words correctly in context. The Oxford Southern African Adult Learner's Dictionary meets the needs of first-time adult learners in Southern Africa whose main language is not English.

For other learners of English, our full range of imported ELT dictionaries offers dictionaries for a variety of ability levels.

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