Other Resources

In our effort to provide a complete classroom solution for learners and teachers, we publish a range of trusted resource materials to complement our core classroom courses.

Blitz Maths

The trusted Blitz Maths series of CAPS-compliant workbooks provides ample practice to develop and consolidate vital mental math strategies, while offering teachers all the support they need to teach mental mathematics. The series is available in 7 languages for Grades 1-3, and in 2 languages for Grades 4-6.

Let’s Practise

Fully CAPS-compliant, Oxford Let’s Practise offers practice on key subject skills and gives learners the opportunity to test their own knowledge and identify the skills in which they need more practice. Focusing on important skills, concepts and content across a range of subjects, including Mathematics and Languages, this series of practice books is ideal for revision and exam preparation.

Oxford Speak

Oxford Speak is a brand-new, vibrant CAPS-aligned series for Foundation Phase second additional language learners. Available for isiZulu, isiXhosa and Sepedi, the series focuses on language development and oral communication skills, and helps teachers introduce the new language with confidence.

Oxford Practical Teaching

Oxford Practical Teaching has been developed specifically for South African classrooms to equip teachers with all the necessary knowledge and practical skills to confidently teach a variety of subjects and topics, including Life Sciences, Chemistry, Physical Education and Literature.