Submission of Journal Articles by South African Academics

Oxford University Press Southern Africa focuses its attention in the tertiary education market on publishing textbooks for use by undergraduate and honours and MBA students at universities, and universities of technology.

This often means that we cannot offer to publish original research in journal form, even though it is crucial for our textbooks to refer to cutting-edge material - and they do!

We wish to support the efforts of, and encourage the international publication of work by, South African researchers, and are thus pleased to invite the submission of academic research papers for potential publication in the relevant Oxford University Press international academic journals.

Oxford University Press Southern Africa will facilitate the process of publication by referring research works to our international offices. However, we cannot guarantee the publication of, or officially referee or review, any work.

All works will be considered and evaluated by the relevant journal editors at OUP UK.

Authors who wish to submit research works for potential publication in academic journals may send their work to directly to the journals in question, following the process and contact details provided on the relevant journal websites: