Corporate Social Investment

With the many developmental and social upliftment issues facing South Africa, Oxford University Press Southern Africa’s Socio-Economic Development policy operates in such a way that it adds value, is sustainable and has clear developmental outcomes.

As an educational publisher committed to the growth of South Africa and its people, our strategy aims to support individuals and communities to better their lives, through the provision of educational material, support and skills initiatives.


Our aim is to support:

  • sustained educational development initiatives in the field of literacy, indigenous languages, maths and science;
  • financial scholarships to assist black students with special focus on black women, to access and finish their studies;
  • involving our staff in one big campaign a year to inculcate a culture of sharing and giving.

Preference is given to organizations, individuals and causes supporting the upliftment and development of black South Africans, with a special focus on women, disabled and youth organizations.

Preference will be given to organizations, or individuals that can clearly show the outcomes of their efforts and propose a long-term funding opportunity.

Preference will be given to broad based socio-economic and welfare organizations i.e. feeding schemes for school children.

Campaigns and funding activities that focus on access to higher learning.