Southern African Dictionaries

Oxford has been making dictionaries for southern Africa since 1978. Using unique research conducted with teachers, learners, adults and students, we strive to make dictionaries that answer local needs innovatively and effectively.

Our ground-breaking Bilingual School dictionary programme has delivered award-winning, superbly user-friendly dictionaries, while our full-colour First Bilingual range introduces all 11 South African languages to young learners.

We know what mistakes South Africans make because we are based in South Africa. We use corpora language databases of authentic texts to inform our decisions of namely: which words to include in our dictionaries, which words to leave out; natural examples of usage; areas where people would like more guidance pronunciation, grammar, the right word in the right context. We work with experts to deliver the quality you expect from Oxford.

Offering excellent dictionaries in a variety of formats electronic, paperback, hardback, and mini we give you the words you need to succeed.

Children need dictionaries that excite and engage them, while developing crucial reference and language skills to enable them to succeed at school. Our wide range of English, bilingual, multilingual and subject dictionaries offers children what school trials have shown works best.
Young people studying at tertiary institutions need expert language and subject help so they can improve their understanding and communicate their own ideas better. Our range of English, bilingual, and subject dictionaries offers them both quick and in-depth options.
Are you fascinated by the intricacies of language? Do you want to know where and when interesting words entered the language? Or are you looking for a dictionary to help an adult learner of English? For professional, academic or family reference, we have dictionaries to meet all these needs.
Learners of English (ELT)
Learners of English need dictionaries with more support on grammar, usage, pronunciation and using words correctly in context.
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