Monolingual English Dictionaries

Oxford dictionaries are the acknowledged authority on southern African and world English for home and professional use, or in schools and higher education classrooms. Build your vocabulary with our extensive range of English Dictionaries from the pocket-sized mini dictionary to the 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary.

No child should be without an Oxford dictionary. The Oxford range for children offers essential tools to help with reading, writing and spelling, enabling children to succeed at school.
No student should be without an Oxford dictionary, the most comprehensive and authoritative reference for study and revision. Oxford makes consulting a dictionary quick and easy, so learners can find what they need to succeed in their studies.
All our dictionaries are accurate and up-to-date. With clear definitions, user-friendly design, and helpful guidance on usage, an Oxford English dictionary will be your vital reference tool at the office or at home.
Learners of English (ELT)
Learners of English need dictionaries with more support on grammar, usage, pronunciation and using words correctly in context.
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