Bilingual & Multilingual Dictionaries

Every student of a new language needs a dictionary – to provide quick translations, to untangle idiomatic language, and to avoid common mistakes. Whether you’re learning French or IsiZulu, whether you’re already fluent or just beginning, we can help you communicate better in a wide range of South African and world languages.

South African
We want to help more South Africans learn to talk one another’s languages. Our range of Bilingual School dictionaries – for Afrikaans, Northern Sotho (Sepedi) and IsiZulu – has won awards for its excellence, while our full-colour First Bilinguals introduce all official South African languages.
Children learn languages more easily than adults. Oxford can support them with a wide range of southern African and world language dictionaries, for beginners or more advanced learners.
Young people studying further need expert language help so they can improve their understanding and communicate their own ideas better. Our range of bilingual dictionaries offers them both quick and in-depth options to suit their needs.
Do you want to deepen your understanding of German? Or learn a little Italian? Perhaps you’re planning to travel to Japan or Mozambique? We have dictionaries to meet all these needs – and many more.
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