Understanding Mechanics 2e

Author/s: : A. J. Sadler|D. W. S. Thorning
ISBN-13: : 9780199146758
Edition: : 2
Publication date: : July 1996
Origin: : OUP UK
Pages: :
Binding: : Paperback
Dimensions: : 249 x 188 mm


One of the clearest and most straightforward texts ever published, Understanding Mechanics covers all the topics required in the single-subject A Level. It is equally appropriate for those preparing for other Mathematics examinations at A Level and for students on technical courses in further and higher education. Key Points: · Principles are introduced in a simple and direct manner and all have worked examples · Ample opportunity is given for practice with questions and exercises carefully graded to provide a steady progression · Each chapter closes with a comprehensive selection of recent examination questions · Answers are given at the back of the book


2Distance, velocity and acceleration
3Force and Newton's laws
4Resultants and components of forces
5Equilibrium and acceleration under concurrent forces
8Centre of gravity
9General equilibrium of a rigid body
10Resultant velocity and relative velocity
11Work, energy and power
13Circular motion
14Momentum and impulse
16Use of calculus
17Simple harmonic motion
18Compound bodies and frameworks


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A-level Mathematics students

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